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Reducing herbicide usage of your field? Precise single plant-specific weed management using section control sprayers? Plant protection strategies in compliance with the EU Green Deal? Weed species-specific active ingredient selection?

That’s where we fly in.

We are SAM-DIMENSION. We provide drone-based weed mapping that helps you to identify upcoming weed problems. Our AI-weed scouting identifies every weed seedling on every cm² of your field. The classified target weeds are connected with their geo-position und transferred to an application map. This way we enable your sprayer to apply the herbicide exactly where it’s needed. That leads to unprecedented weed management performance and machinery effectiveness.
Drone imagery and weed scouting

Long-endurance drone with industry-grade camera system captures every weed seedling in below 5 minutes per hectar. Precise RTK-GPS positions are stiched to the images.
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To collect the high-resolution aerial imagery for weed seedling detection we offer our industrial-grade mapping camera system “alliance”. The camera system is mounted on our agricultural long-endurance drone, with flight times up to 50 min per battery set. In this setup, the mapping system can reveal its unprecedented area performance of 12 ha/h with a sub-milimeter ground resolution.​

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI model trained on more than 500.000 pictures identifies every weed species in sugar beet and maize. Further crops will follow soon.
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The SAM-DIMENSION artificial intelligence is trained on more than 500.000 individual training pictures to find every emerged weed seedling between the crops. Already now, every weed species emerging in sugar beet or maize is identified. Further crops are in the testing phase, as well as a classification of broadleafed and grass weeds. The classified weeds are connected with their geo-position and transferred into the application map.

Application map deployment

The application map with geo-position of every classifed weed is delivered in the output format you need for your sprayer, e.g. ISOXML or shapefile.
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The classified weeds are connected with their geo-position and transferred into the application map.The application map is delivered in the output format you need for your sprayer, e.g. ISOXML or shapefile.

Key advantages & FAQ
The use is generally suitable for any farm size. The application maps can be used via ISOBUS terminals. To map the field, the SAM-DIMENSION drone and camera system can be purchased or a drone service provider can be contracted.
Generally, the cost is limited to purchasing the drone and camera system or hiring a drone service provider. Our ambition is the smooth application of the application cards on all ISOBUS terminals.

SAM-DIMENSION’s application maps are designed to work on any ISOBUS terminal. Depending on your machine or terminal manufacturer there are some details to consider. We will be happy to work with you on the integration of the application maps on your operating hardware.

Our camera system is achieves an impressive mapping speed of > 15 ha per hour at a soil resolution with which weed seedlings as small as 1 cm can be detected.
If this level of detail is not required, the area performance can be increased dramatically!

The SAM-DIMENSION application cards are designed to control the boom section control via ISOBUS terminals, so that they can be used without additional components. For the calculation of the application maps from the aerial images, each SAM-DIMENSION camera system includes an AI-unit. This enables a fast availability of the mapping results without any need for a fast internet connection.

The size of your fields does not matter at first. We will gladly present the system to you, your friends and colleagues on the field you have chosen. However, we avoid wind mills and power lines for the time being. For the test phase, there should be enough space on the field to set up a large plot trial (~ 5 ha).

Use the SAM-DIMENSION mapping system in organic farming to accurately plan and precisely implement your machine operations for mechanical weed control or hand weeding.SAM-DIMENSION can convert the weed maps into any data format to assist your work in the field and provide you with a better overview.

Like most people, we started small: we reliably find even the smallest weeds next to your sugar beets and in corn.
In the future, the technology will become available for special crops, but also for oilseed rape and even cereals.

On our application maps, all weeds detected on the images are recorded regardless of their species. In the next stage, it will be possible to distinguish broadleaf weeds and grasses in sugar beets and corn. This will be followed by other crop species.

In addition, our SAM-DIMENSION offers the generation of fertilizer application maps, biomass mapping and information on crop stand development. Further services will follow, e.g. damage surveys after storms or in case of game damage. What solutions are you looking for? Let us participate and we’ll look for a solution together.

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